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Ages 16 to 19

The Diploma Programme is a two year course of study for grade 11 and 12 students. It stresses academic rigour and life skills, while promoting international mindedness and the IB learner profile attributes.  Along with the challenging content, the importance of effective study skills and work habits is reinforced.  These skills and habits are crucial for success at the post-secondary level.

High school is a critical phase of personal and intellectual development and the DP helps students participate actively and responsibly in a changing and increasingly interrelated world.  Through the unique CAS, TOK, and EE core courses, students gain valuable experience with academic writing along with real-life experience helping others locally, nationally, and globally.

CISH is proud to offer a wide selection of courses to meet the needs of our diverse student population.  The following courses are available for study:

Group 1:  Language A in English, German, Mandarin, and Korean

Group 2:  Language B in English, Mandarin, Mandarin ab initio, and French

Group 3:  Business Management, Global Politics, Psychology, and Environmental Systems and Societies

Group 4:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences, and Computer Science

Group 5:  Mathematics

Group 6:  Music and Visual Arts

For more information about each of these IB course and the assessment outcomes please refer to our DP Coordinator or consult the IBO website

The Structure of DP

The focus of the DP is to allow students to explore their interests in an in-depth and challenging manner. To facilitate this process, students will complete essays, reflections, commentaries, and experiments that contribute to their overall understanding of their courses. As a result of this programme, our students emerge as well spoken, compassionate, and insightful individuals who are active and life-long learners in our intercultural community.

At CISH, we offer a wide variety of DP courses to suit students of all backgrounds. In order to achieve the prestigious IB diploma, a few requirements are necessary. Students must take six courses in different subjects over two years, of which three must be at a higher level.  In addition, students must also take three required core courses. These three courses, Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay, and CAS (creativity, activity, and service) allow students to balance their intensive academic workload with real world issues. Theory of Knowledge challenges the students to examine their own perspective and its influence on their world. The Extended Essay is an independent research essays that allows students to explore real world topics that interest them. Finally, CAS allows the students to give back to the community by moving their education outside of the classroom and into world.

By following this well-rounded framework, centered on the IB mission in the form of the IB learner profile and enhanced by CISH's own programmes, our graduates are fully prepared for further studies at the best universities in the world.

DP Model

International Baccalaureate Parent Information – Frequently Asked Questions

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