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Parent School Support Committee

Parents at the Canadian International School of Hefei are very active in the school community.  Every parent is a member of the Parent Association.  Throughout the year, Parent  Association volunteers organize and carry out various activities, events and fundraisers. Whether parents can help a little or a lot, their efforts and talents are always welcome and appreciated.

Parent School Support Committee

A small part of the Parent Association is the Parent Executive Committee. The purpose of the Parent Committee is to further the Parent Association goals by means of:

  • Providing support to the school and staff by organizing, managing, and contributing to ongoing or yearly events and activities. 
  • To build and promote a sense of community throughout the school.
  • To bring into closer relationship the home and the school, so that parents and teachers may cooperate in the education of children. 

The Parent Executive Committee will not focus on one event or one class or one student, but rather the improvement and betterment of the whole school. Enriching the environment for ALL students and families within the CISH family is their main goal. 

The following representatives will be selected by the entire Parent Association to serve on the Parent Executive Committee on a yearly basis and will agree to attend no less than 2 meetings per month for the duration of the School year:

  • Chairman - Michelle Plexico
  • Vice Chairman - Derek Berthel
  • Treasurer - Yvonne He
  • Diploma Program Representative - Yvonne He
  • Middle Years Program Representatives - Jessica Flores, Jack Viljoen, Tina Chen
  • Primary Years Program Representative - Ju Young Park, Judy Ma, Linda Zhang, Angela Tancredi
  • Early Years Representative (KG) - Fiona Huang, Michelle Plexico

The Committee will also be joined by the following CISH Administration to ensure a complete partnership in making the school better for all students:

  • Head of School or Vice Principal of School - Peggy Gorman-Mitchell
  • Administration Lead or IB Director - Sharon Jin
  • Teacher representative - Derek Berthel

We all work together collaboratively to improve the school.

Parent School Support Committee
Parent School Support Committee