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School Life

In addition to the strong focus on academic achievement, CISH also support activities that further other aspects of student development. These special events sometimes occur in place of regular classes or outside of them. They also may vary from year to year as opportunities and demands change.

The core subjects are Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science and Second Language, with a focus on understanding, communication, making connections and problem solving.


CISH offers a wide range of after-school sports and athletics activities, as well as participation in extra-curricular interscholastic sports programs, including soccer (Middle and High School), basketball and badminton.


On Monday to Thursday from 15:00-15:30 students in Kindergarten to Grade 8 are expected to participate in an after-class activities program, from a schedule that is drawn up four times each year. At each time, students may select from a range of activities (language development, arts and crafts, music, performances, games, information technology, writing and editing for the school newspaper or yearbook, and many more activities) conducted by teachers and occasionally other members of the community. The intention of the program is to provide students with the opportunity to explore activities they may not have done before.

  • Socials and Events:
  • Monthly Assembly
  • Talent Show
  • Winter Concert
  • Multicultural Heritage Fair
  • Halloween Celebration
  • Sports Day
  • Earth Week
  • Music and Art Gala
  • Middle and High School Socials
  • Spring Fair