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Feb. 22, 2023

Exotic Animal Showcase

Exotic Animal Showcase

Today, all first-grade students at the Canadian International School of Hefei had the opportunity to attend an exotic animal showcase hosted by the Zoological Society, a group of high school CAS students who are passionate about animals and conservation. The showcase took place in the Zoology classroom, where the Zoological Society members set up cages and enclosures with various exotic animals from around the world.

Among the animals on display were a single huntsman spider, a leopard gecko, several mantids, stag beetles, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, rainforest scorpions, and a puffer fish. The first-grade students were excited to see these creatures up close and personal and learn more about them.

The Zoological Society members were there to guide them and answer their questions, sharing their knowledge about each animal's habitat, behavior, and importance in the ecosystem. The students were particularly fascinated by the leopard gecko, which was their favorite animal at the showcase. They enjoyed learning about its unique ability to shed its tail as a defense mechanism

The showcase was an excellent opportunity for the Zoological Society members to develop their leadership and communication skills, as well as to promote awareness of animal conservation issues. For the first-grade students, it was an exciting and engaging educational experience that allowed them to interact with high school students who are passionate about animal welfare and conservation.

In conclusion, the exotic animal showcase organized by the Zoological Society was a great success. It provided first-grade students at the Canadian International School of Hefei with a unique opportunity to learn about and interact with exotic animals, while also promoting the important message of conservation and environmental awareness. The Zoological Society members should be commended for their hard work and dedication in organizing this event and for their commitment to promoting animal welfare and conservation. A special thanks to all participating members and affiliated teachers for help making this event possible.

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Exotic Animal ShowcaseExotic Animal ShowcaseExotic Animal ShowcaseExotic Animal Showcase