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Oct. 18, 2018

CISH PYP/MYP Literacy Day

CISH PYP/MYP Literacy Day 2018 Celebration

On Thursday October 18th, CISH celebrated its annual Literacy Day event. Students from Grades 1-10 joined together to recognize the importance of literacy through reading and writing activities. Students from the MYP entered the PYP homeroom classes to participate in a reading buddy program where they completed literacy activities together.

This was a wonderful opportunity for students from the PYP to engage with older students in an academic setting and for the MYP students to act as leaders and mentors. Events such as this provide the students at CISH the opportunity to develop and apply the attributes of the IB Learner Profile, such as being Communicators, Caring, and in some cases being Risk-takers. 

Students and teachers from the PYP and MYP had a great time sharing and learning together, all the while working toward creating a stronger community within the school.