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Sept. 9, 2022

Zoology Day at CISH

Today, The Canadian International School of Hefei held a special "Zoology Day" for all of its grade 2 students. Zoology Day was met with much enthusiasm and inquisitivty as the children made both scientific and artistic connections. Students chose their favorite animal to study and began asking about its facts. Once they finished learning about these facts the students drew pictures of their favorite animal and correctly labeled them. This hands-on activity was an excellent example of PYP interactive learning with real-life organisms and demontrated the utility of having a modern-style learning environment where everyone can freely explore and interact.


This event was made possible with the immense help of both The Canadian Internaitonal School's very own Nikita Petrakov and Erik Koropp, both grade 12 students who are active members in the school's Zoology Club. Today's event was not only a chance for them to deal with the animals they love, but also as a CAS experience for them to teach and inspire others.

这次活动是在加拿大国际学校的Nikita Petrakov和Erik Koropp的大力帮助下得以举办的。他们都是12年级的学生,并且活跃在学校的动物学俱乐部中。几天这个活动对他们来说今天的活动不仅是他们与他们喜爱的动物打交道的机会,也是他们教导和启发他人的 CAS 经验。 

I would like to personally thank the grade 2 students for visiting our Zoology Club today, as well as thank Mr. Devon Bobowski for also aiding the event and ensuring safety standards were maintained.

我想亲自感谢二年级学生今天参观我们的动物学俱乐部,并感谢Devon Bobowski先生协助活动并确保安全标准得以维持。