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As we continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation, we are working alongside the local authorities to ensure the safety of our community. With the current environment, beginning February 5th and continuing until the CISH campus completely re-opens, students will be engaging in our online learning program. 

CISH teachers are preparing to deliver lessons to students electronically that will be as close as possible to what would have been delivered in class in terms of time, content, and quality. These lessons will be delivered primarily through the familiar platforms of Class DoJo for PYP and Managebac for MYP and DP. PYP, MYP and DP will all use the Zoom Program to deliver face to face.  If your child is in PYP, please ask or assist them with checking Class DoJo from February 5th onward.  If your child is in MYP or DP, please ask them to regularly check their school e-mail and Managebac starting on February 5. Also, it would be beneficial to download ZOOM on your child’s computer. This may make for a better connection.

Your child's teacher will be available for you to contact via email at that time.  Our teachers can be contacted through Class Dojo or ManageBac or you can e-mail them directly. 

We sincerely hope that you and your family are staying healthy and enjoying your time together.

1.       If you have questions about the online learning, your child's teacher(s) is the first point of contact. 

2.       If your teacher isn’t able to resolve the issue, you can contact the coordinator or vice principal.

Contact Information:

Lower PYP (K1-K3)

Lorraine Vincent ( - Early Years coordinator 

Upper PYP (G1-G5)

Kathryn Viljoen ( PYP coordinator

Christian Lee ( Vice Principal for Elementary

MYP (G6-G10)

Sean Miller (

DP (G11-G12)

Jennifer Thompson ( 

Vice Principal of Middle-High - Tilly Erguder (


What hardware and software do I need?

MYP and DP students need the laptop they use during regular school hours, and an internet connection.

PYP students in K1 – Grade 2 grades will benefit most from an iPad with an internet connection. However, if an iPad is not available then contact your homeroom teacher and let them know what devices you have available.

PYP students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades will benefit more from use of a laptop with internet connection, as typing may be needed. However, they may use an iPad if a laptop is not available.

MYP/DP students have their own computers

Many computers and phones can be used. A device with a large touchscreen is helpful.

How do I sign on to Class DOJO or Managebac and Zoom?

1.       For Class DOJO – Go to or download the APP.  If you aren’t already connected to ClassDojo, please email

2.      For Managebac – Go to website  Your student has used this access all year. Contact

3.      For ZOOM, if you have your own computer or other device, pleasse install the client program from  If there is still a problem please contact Devon Bobowski, DP Physics  and DP Mathematics Teacher (

If at any time you have a concern related to ONLINE LEARNING or any concern about our school you may also email me at  - Head of School.