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Vincent Ligouri Jerome

Department Head of Information Technology

Vincent Ligouri Jerome
Vincent Ligouri Jerome

Vincent Ligouri Jerome is the Head of IT (Information Technology) at Canadian International School Of Hefei. Having earned a Bachelor in Computer Science, he possesses a solid academic foundation. His journey encompasses a rich blend of academic exploration and professional achievements. His professional trajectory is marked by 18 years of experiences, including roles such as IT Project Management, Design & Technology, and IT Educator.  

At CISH, Vincent Ligouri Jerome (Head of IT) plays a crucial role in overseeing the planning, implementation, and maintenance of the school's technology infrastructure and systems. He is responsible for managing the overall IT strategy and ensuring that technology resources are effectively utilized to support the educational mission and administrative operations of the school.

In the realm of leisure and exhilaration, one can find Vincent Ligouri Jerome, a spirited enthusiast who revels in sports, particularly soccer and cricket. 

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